today was a day spent in recovery. after work i got home i almost immediately fell asleep. i usually don’t like to take naps, but i think that i needed it. i haven’t had dinner yet and volleyball is coming up soon so i think that i’ll have to skip out on dinner before the game…don’t want to be weighed down.

hopefully today’s recover will prepare me for the rest of the week…


tiring weekend

it’s been a rough weekend. i was pretty exhausted last night after volleyball and was eager to go home, shower, and go to bed. this weekend wasn’t quite as relaxing as i had originally hoped, but i was able to do a few nice things.

first off, we tried our hands at a lan party. josh, nelson, mike, paul, and i ended up playing some games. it’s been a strange evolution over the years. first it started with coax cables with BNCs and terminators. we used dos drivers to network machines. talk about crazy times. and then we moved to 10baseT with ethernet cable being strung all over the place with hubs. soon thereafter we went to 100Mbps connections with switches to play our games…and yesterday, all of us were outfitted with laptops and were playing over the air on a wireless network. tear down was very quick. no network wires to deal with. i’m still waiting for wireless power.

but yeah, pretty exhausted last night. i went quickly to sleep and i still feel tired now. hopefully i can sneak in a nap later this afternoon before volleyball.