error messages

programmers are a wacky people. myself, included. i just got called for some code that i wrote that they wanted me to update. it turns out that there were some error messages that i wrote in an application that basically spits out some rather…damaging error messages.

for example, there was this one case that i thought should NEVER EVER come up. because i thought it would never come up, i added a message that said:

something very bad happened. panic.

and go figure, they did. heh. and there was another message i wrote that simply said, “panic.” odd because these cases should never, ever come up too. so much for that theory. but i really didn’t mean to leave those messages there. i meant to leave them as placeholders and to change them later to more professional sounding messages. oh well. i thought it was really funny, but the managers didn’t think so.

go figure.

dim sum

i feel like i haven’t had dim sum in all too long. yesterday, jen, [url=]leeya[/url] and i went to eat dim sum at dynasty restaurant. they have pretty decent dim sum and the wait is usually not too long. the food was good and it was nice to be able to enjoy dim sum again. i think that dim sum really should be enjoyed in groups of 3 or 4…or multiples of them. otherwise, not everyone gets their share of the whatever is ordered, or you hace to order two of everything.

on friday, we celebrated diana’s birthday at maggiano’s where we had another small dinner gathering. i think that i do enjoy the smaller dinners now because it gives you a good opportunity to have a good conversation with everyone instead of the bigger group dynamic. i don’t really like shouting across the table to make conversation with someone else.

hmmmm…i have a lot of ground beef at home right now. i was going to make burgers yesterday, but opted to make steak instead. hmmmm….burgers….maybe i should make some tonight instead and have some people over for some bbq. mmmm.