the three hour snooze

last night i fell asleep rather early. i also went to sleep pretty early…around 11:30 or so. i woke up this morning at 5:20AM and i remember thinking to myself, “wow, i’m up a little bit before i need to.”

i figured that the alarm would wake me up and when it went a-blaring ten minutes later, i thought i hit the snooze button but it turns out that i turned off the alarm by accident. i later woke up to the stirrings of my loud roommate only to discover that my 9 minute snooze became a 3 hour snooze.



two ships passing in the night

me: hey, i saw you at q-cup over the weekend!
friend: what? oh really?
me: yeah, i was waving hi and said, “hey [FRIEND]!” but you just walked right by me like i didn’t exist!
friend: what? no way. where was this?
me: yeah! at the milpitas q-cup!
friend: oh…you hang out there?

everyone started laughing at how i was dissed. so sad.