white list

i wrote a white list mail filter for my primary email account. i was just getting way too much spam and it was getting to be quite the pain. hopefully this filter will work out much better. i still haven’t figured out the management side of things yet but i need to find an easy way to add to my white list. it’s kind of a mess right now. i think that i may end up rewriting a good part of what i’ve done to help facilitate that…but for now, it works well and i’m pretty happy.

the only thing that i’m scared of is new people who email me. how am i going to make sure that their emails don’t get lost? i think that i may need to do some kind of whitelist/blacklist combination for this to be really effective…maybe make a graylist too for the fuzzies…i don’t know…i’m sure someone else has solved this problem before, how did they approach it? hmmmmm.

i was thinking about installing spam assassin or something, but i’m really afraid of any false positives that may come up. we’ll see.

do you make food or do you cook food?

my co-workers and i had a discussion about whether or not you make food or if you cook food. apparently there is a difference between making food and cooking food.

when you make food, you are just preparing the food to eat. there is no thought about how the items will come together and there’s more of a methodical way in which you make food.

when you cook food, there’s thought behind how it all gels together. there’s a synergy of food that lends itself to a meal. there’s a deeper understanding of how ingredients blend into each other to create a meal greater than itself. indeed, to cook food is more than the preparation of food, there’s a natural instinct to cooking the food.

so this means that there are three levels of food preparers. the food makers, the food cookers, and chefs. chefs are another level of food preparers that elevate cooking to an art form.

my co-workers said that they think that i’m somewhere between a cooker and a chef. i thought that i was somewhere between a maker and a cooker. there are a lot of foods that i have no idea what to do with.

what are you?

santana row

man, i am so upset. i thought that the santana row wireless internet was free, but apparently they charge for inet access just like anywhere else. what a crock. luckily there are enough wireless networks in this plaza that i was able to hop onto someone else’s, but still….grrrrr.

very aggravating. but i’m sitting outside in front of the big chess set in the middle of santana row waiting for vball to start up. but i am definitely quite disappointed that i couldn’t use the santana row connection. very upset.

i did a bit of shopping this afternoon and blew through a little wad of money. oh well, new shirts for me and my brother got his birthday present so that’s good. there’s one shirt i got at the gap that i’m really re-thinking. we’ll see how i feel about when i try and wear it later.


weird mood

i’m in a weird mood today. not sure why but it feels like there’s a cloud hanging over me. just seemed to come over me when i woke up this morning. i’m sure it’s a momentary thing. oh well.

hopefully it’s just the hump day blues. gotta get over the hump to relax. cooked dinner with shirley last night. made pad thai and this red curry. it was quite good. ray and trang also made dinner, comprising of a roast chicken and steamed asparagus. ray made a mayonaise/soy sauce dipping sauce which reminded me of my mom’s cooking.

i’ve been rather unproductive lately. i’ve been meaning to get my brother his birthday gift but just haven’t gotten around to it. i think that i’ll go to the mall later today and pick it up for him.

the drive to work was especially long today and i was especially tired so when i got to work, i did the unthinkable and i went and got a white mocha and donut. i need to remember not to get a donut when getting coffee. the contrast in flavors isn’t very appealing to me.

just gotta get over the hump…