bradford, you idiot.

total spoiler here for the apprentice, but i have to comment about this because i was shocked and fuming when i first saw the episode last night.

bradford had won immunity previously and so he was all good and happy and set. ivana, the project manager for apex was doing a wretchedly bad job as the project manager and i personally feel due to her poor performance, she should definitely be fired. stacie is also well hated by everyone and due to her complete lack of social senses, i feel that she should be fired too. but bradford, poor, dear, stupid, arrogant bradford. you, my friend, should not have been fired. were it not for your cockiness, were it not for your pride, you should have stayed, and you probably could have made it a long way.

i was really upset when i first heard trump’s decision because i felt that there were other people on the show who just weren’t cut out for it. ivana was being torn to shreds by her teammates and i really felt that she needs to be fired. but then i started thinking…

wouldn’t it be more interesting to see ivana outcasted by the group for bringing bradford into the boardroom and then having him leave OVER stacie or herself? not only will everyone else hate her because she just hurt the team, but she’s managed to stay there and keep stacie in. wouldn’t it be pretty fun to watch ivana squirm around and see what is going to happen to her after everyone finds out what has happened to bradford? sure, the guy’s a chauvinistic pig, but at least he’s got some kind of business sense. at least he recognized that his arrogance may not be the best course of action and he later backed off and listened to the group’s suggestion. i mean, the guy’s kind of dumb, but not completely. he’s got some potential.

but he certainly was made an example of tonight. nice.

but alas, it is his arrogance that got him. besides, i don’t think that ivana or stacie are going to be staying much longer anyway, but it would be kind of neat if they started an outcast group to scheme against the rest of the group. that would be quite entertaining…not that i think either of them have it in them to lead such a revolution.

doesn’t matter, they’ll both be fired if they keep it up anyway.


yay, netflix!

netflix just asked me to come again for another focus group! this means that there’ll be ANOTHER two free months of netflix membership! sweet! i remember the woman who ran the focus group told me that she might be interested in contacting me again after they’ve done some more development so i’ve been anticipating that they would contact me.

ahhhh, free membership. gotta love it!



the tv season has officially started and i am way, way behind. so far behind that i’m not sure what i’m going to do to catch up. how can i catch up when there are only so many hours in a day?

on the way to work today, i decided to watch everwood. these one hour shows are actually pretty good because they span the length of my commute…well, on a good day anyway. so i was able to watch the first episode of the season and i have to say that i really missed this show a lot. there’s just so much angst going on in the show and so much misdirection that when things do start to come together you start to realize the brilliance in the writing.

i really don’t like delia much in the show, though. she just doesn’t add much to the show and she’s always whining and being used to further the storylines of the other characters. i used to really like her, but now i don’t know if it is really something that i would really care for.

the new character in the show seems kind of weird. i suspect that he may make the moves on amy and then ephram and him will butt heads…ephram can never really be happy. this is what i’ve decided and this is probably what makes the show so good. i wish that madison would come back into the picture too, just to stir things up. that would be quite amusing.

but all in all, i was quite impressed with the show and i can’t wait for the next episode.


reasonable traffic day

today was a reasonably decent traffic day. it’s a good thing too because it’s friday and i really need some of this time to just relax and take it easy. really, really need that. i have to pick up a few supplies for tomorrow’s volleyball tournament today, but i’m thinking about using the burger patties from the last party so that should greatly simplify the process.

i’m glad that it is friday, though. i’m quite tired out and i’m looking forward to just relaxing through the weekend. not too sure what exactly is in the works, but i think that i may be going to napa on sunday before volleyball. we’ll see.


theory vs. practice

some things just work better on paper than they do in real life. proof of this came in the form of an experiment last night. i decided to try and make fried oreos. now, most people when they hear of this cringe in terror. oreos are bad enough as is, but fried oreos? that is surely terrifying, no? no.

but after frying up a batch of oreos and trying it out, the novelty of it quickly ran out and i must say that though it was fun to try out, i don’t think that i will do it again.