new tv season

i don’t know about you, but i’m really excited for the new tv season. not so much because there are a lot of new shows that i think are going to be really great (in fact, i have high hopes, but low expectations for joey) but because it’s been a while since there’s been a new show of anything.

i really am going to miss buffy and angel, though.

so, which shows am i planning to watch?

jack and bobby
boston legal
desperate housewives

north shore
fear factor
las vegas
csi: miami

according to jim
the apprentice
gilmore girls

the bachelor
the west wing

the apprentice
the o.c.
tru calling
without a trace

medical investigation
joan or arcadia
dr. vegas


finally friday

i am so glad that it is friday today. it’s been a long week and i’ll be glad to welcome the long weekend and relax just a little bit. not sure what exactly is being shaped up for the weekend, though. i have broad stroke ideas on what i want to do, but just don’t know how that’s going to work out just yet.

[url=]paul[/url], [url=]leeya[/url], [url=]mike[/url], [url=]nelson[/url], and mia left early thursday morning for their road trip to vancouver. i do want to go to vancouver, but i felt like the trip would have been a little too rushed in terms of all the driving so i opted to stay back here and just relax. so i think a lot about this weekend is going to be about relaxing. that sounds like a splendid idea. absolutely splendid.

jen is leaving tomorrow for hawaii with diana and jason tomorrow. their first trip to hawaii, but they are going to maui, interestingly enough.

seems like so many people i know are leaving on vacation…i sort of feel i should go somewhere too. but i have been tired lately and i do like to just relax. maybe i’ll go on a bike ride sometime this weekend. that ought to be fun, haven’t done that in a while.

i got into work early today. it’s kind of a nice feeling.