far and few between

my posts seem to be getting farther and fewer between, but i’ll see if i can do my usual weekend recap first. friday night was spent clubbing it up in downtown san jose. we went to get drinks at zoe first and then headed over to agenda to dance it up. agenda’s a pretty small club and is probably one of the more well ventilated clubs i’ve been to. i didn’t get too hot but i did get tired early. it’s been a while since i went dancing.

saturday was spent eating a little bit and then resting a lot. shirley and i went to get thai food at king of krung siam in mountain view and then decided to play scrabble at lucy’s. i had a green tea milkshake there. it was rather good. while playing scrabble, i bingo’d and made the word “nuances”. i thought for sure that i had an easy win, but later in the game shirley bingo’d too making the word “strained”. in the end shirley won by about 15 points. *sigh* i guess this teaches me not to cry victory before the game’s over.

then we hung out a little bit with her sister, alice, and watched some tv and chatted before i went to dinner with [url=http://www.track15.com]dardy[/url], [url=http://www.bastalaranza.com]geoff[/url], alvin, nelson, jen, [url=http://www.phamily.org]paul[/url], [url=http://leafee.ocliw.com]leeya[/url], and mike. we decided to go to pasta pomodoro. i haven’t quite decided how i feel about that place yet. i guess it’s still hard for me to decide, but the food is alright. i don’t like how they like to crowd all the tables super close together though.

after dinner, shirley and i drove her sister back to berkeley and then headed back home. i still haven’t found a pair of sunglasses that i would like to get. it seems that none of the styles that are out there really appeal to me.

sunday was spent lazying about. tried to go to stacks, but the hour long wait was a bit of a turnoff and we decided to go elsewhere instead after checking out the farmer’s market in campbell.

and then volleyball on sunday night.

it looks like my weekend has been pretty much planned out already for this coming weekend. so busy…