an interesting article

i usually don’t link to articles just for the sake of getting people to read them, but i found this article to be particularly interesting…

[url=]the process is the problem[/url]

though the article is tech-focused, it can be of interest to anyone really.


new headset

the other day i went and finally got a headset for my new cell phone. i guess i’ve been without handsfree for a while now so having this has significantly changed my whole cell phone experience. it’s kind of nice. i wasn’t sure which one to get so as i was checking out various headsets, i finally decided to ask one of the salespeople what they liked.

they recommended the jabra set saying that it was definitely the most comfortable one he has ever used. he told me that it doesn’t tire out the ear canal like most other headsets and that the earpiece itself was also very comfortable because of the gel pad. he convinced me enough to get it and i’m pretty happy with the results. it’s a pretty good set and i haven’t had any problems with it yet. if you are in the market for one, go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.