one of my ex-coworkers came by briefly to chat it up with us. i really do miss her. having her around was pretty cool and she was fun to be with. now that she’s left the company, the person who has taken her job just isn’t the same. i guess change like that is hard for me to get used to. i’m trying to be flexible, but maybe i’m really becoming an old dog who can’t be taught any new tricks.

tonight is playoff night for my sunday night volleyball team. this reminds me that i want to get a new volleyball. maybe i’ll get a new white one, we’ll see. but i have been wanting a new volleyball for quite some time now. i guess i should start looking online to see if any good deals are out and about.


what’s odd is..

i was not nearly as upset about my commute this morning than i think i ordinarily would be. part of it is probably because i had something to occupy my time. i was listening to the smallville behind the scenes episode. it’s interesting to hear how articulate some of the actors are, especially because i would have thought that they wouldn’t be quite so serious or devoted.

but i guess that’s just what happens when you take too much of an actor’s character and mistake it for who they really are. though, i still believe that rob lowe is himself in every role that he plays. he’s just quirky like that.

but now that it is getting late in the afternoon, i regret not being able to leave at my usual time. i sort of miss being able to leave and just enjoy the rest of the sun left in the too-short day.

oh well, perhaps it’s time to get afternoon tea. i haven’t made my way over to sweetheart cafe in far too long.


little bit of a tight shirt

i was in a hurry to get to work today because i was running a little late (which didn’t help, by the way because it took me a whopping 2.5 hours to get to work today…) and i threw on a shirt without really looking at it very closely. it turns out that the shirt that i am wearing is actually a little tight. as a result, it’s sort of uncomfortable walking around with this shirt on because i feel like it is rather constricting. grrrrr.

i wonder if i have another shirt in my car.

i wonder if anyone will notice that i changed shirts if i do have a shirt in my car and i do decide to change.

i wonder if i am obsessing too much about this.