getting a little obsessive

i know that talking about how excited i am about my spam filtering techniques is probably not the most exciting of topics to read about, but i did write a new web interface now to manage my spam filtering. i wonder just how far i am going to take this spam filtering before i lose interest. actually, my biggest fear is that i will be filtering out emails and losing some real emails. oh well, hopefully that won’t happen, but if i haven’t written back to you in a while, that’s why. =P


thursday happies

it was a decent commute day today. still took about 10 minutes longer than i would have wanted, but that isn’t so bad.

yesterday was sort of a depressing volleyball day. we got eliminated in the first round. i don’t think that that has ever happened to me before this season and it’s sad to see that we just all had an off day.

i really do wonder what it will take for me to play better. i do feel sort of stuck at this level and i don’t feel like i’m getting better. hmmmmm, maybe it’s time to look for other things to do.