worky worky

i recently have been dying at work. i just feel so far behind that any kind of progress seems only to be celebrated with the reminder that there is just so much more left to do. [url=]dardy[/url] will probably know the pain that i’m going through as i’m tearing up someone else’s code and extending it to suit the new needs of the business. let me just say that the existing code had some rather disturbing shortcomings so now i’m left with the task of making things better.

it’s been a long day, but it started a little late for me, too. i got into work a little after 9AM today (shockingly late, compared to my normal 7AM arrivals) and i’m still chugging away at the code at 6:53pm. i’ve been dreading the part that i’m working on now…rewriting the security layer of the application. i hate dealing with permissions and users and stuff. lame to have to reinvent the wheel with a twist. oh well.

but i am making progress, so i guess i can’t be complaining. i guess that’s one of the advantages of working a 10+ hour day, right?

i really should just go home now…and if i feel so compelled, i should just work at home tonight, but for some reason i’ve been finding it harder and harder to work at home. i’m not sure what it is, but there’s something that just makes it really rather hard.

i’ve got elvis costello’s the very best of album playing now. it’s rather soothing. i think that i generally found melancholy music to be soothing and relaxing when i’m stressed. kind of weird, huh? i like the rain too.

not much going on today and it doesn’t look like much else will be going on seeing how i’ll probably end up working the night away until i fall asleep. maybe i’ll grab some pearl tea on the way home.

at least it’s hump day…half the week’s over!