lunch — top dog style

[url=/image.php?image=/images/2004/1014/IMG_0034.jpg&title=top+dog][/url] [url=/image.php?image=/images/2004/1014/IMG_0035.jpg&title=top+dog][/url]

[url=]paul[/url] and i went to the oakland city center and ate at top dog. it was pretty good, it brought back memories of my berkeley days. i used to eat there and la burrita a lot. mmmm, la burrita. it’s kind of a long walk over there, but it was nice to get out for a bit, enjoy the nice weather we’re having, and have lunch.

you know that’s the thing about lunch. it’s time away from the daily grind…just a little bit of sanity in my day goes a long way.


but what of love?

“sometimes, you love so deeply and passionately to the point that there is nothing left in you anymore. it is never that easy. it takes luck and timing and a lot of bruising and scarring, before one truly finds what they are looking for…. if they do.”

the human heart is an amazing evolution. not only does it tirelessly work day in and day out without rest, but it is remarkably resilient when it comes to love.

i do believe that you can love someone so deeply that your love for them becomes all-consuming. i do believe that you can feel so passionately about someone that they mean everything in the world to you and there is nothing that you would not do for them. i do believe that you can give all your heart to another and leave room for nothing else to love. i do believe that this kind of unconditional love exists.

and sometimes, for whatever reason, this person who you love so much, this person who means everything to you is taken away from your life. it is never easy to pick up the pieces and just try to move on. that’s why they call it a broken heart. shattered into a million pieces, i’m sure that it is very easy to believe that you could never love again.

some people drift and wander aimlessly after they’ve had their heart broken. some people can’t seem to find their way back, to trust again because they either cannot accept what has happened to them or they cannoy accept the risks associated with trusting their heart to another.

there is no guarantee that you will ever find that person who you are destined to be with. let’s be realistic now, it’s true. not everybody lives that fairytale love story. it just doesn’t happen like that. thats why they are called fairytales to begin with. we come up with these perfect little stories to tell children to inspire them to greatness. we give them something to reach for. we would never want to jade them into cynicism.

but for those who have had their heart broken, i can only offer you this advice: get over it. i know it might sound a little callous, and i’m sure i can phrase it more nicely, but that’s the gist of it. yeah, your heart was broken. yeah, it sucks. yeah, i know, i’ve been there before. so sure, it’s scary to go out and try and find someone else who you can have that kind of relationship with again. it’s scary to think that you would want to subject yourself to this kind of pain again. it’s scary enough that some people may never want to face it again.

and that’s fine. that’s your prerogative. in everything, there is a certain amount of risk involved. after doing some risk analysis, if you feel that it isn’t worth it, then don’t do it. but i’ve always been a champion of love and i will argue to the grave that love is worth it. i will argue that love is all you need.

i never said it was easy. i never said that if you work hard you will be rewarded. but what i can guarantee you is that if you do not make the effort, then you will never have a chance.