it’s a good day

it’s been a while since i think i have been able to say that. got a lot of work done today and also got some really good volleyball in. it’s been a while since i’ve been able to say that too.

work has thrown me a few loops lately, but i made some great headway to finish up some of the new tasks. so i’m pretty happy there.

volleyball today was great too. i came in thinking that i would be able to play my normal position again, but it turns out that i’m setting this season too. i’ve been getting more and more comfortable playing setter, but it’s been a long time coming. i got some really good sets in today and i was overall pretty happy with how i played. as a team, we went 3-1, not too shabby for a late night start. i’m looking forward to playing next week.

for the first time in a long time there was this excitement in the air. i was pretty happy to be playing and it was a great and much needed release.

and my new hard drive came in today. 250GB of pure storage ready to be outfitted in its external enclosure. paul suggested that i try something out to fix the USB connectivity and it appears to have worked. it’s formatting now, but it’s taking FOREVER to format. but i’m quite pleased with that. now the big question is whether or not i can find some little nubbings because my enclosure didn’t come with the rubber feet that it was supposed to come with.

as soon as i can check to make sure it has been formatted right, i think that i will be heading off to sleep.