addicted to gum…

i don’t know how it happened, but i have this huge addiction to trident bubble gum. i just keep popping them in my mouth. sometimes i find myself chewing gum and not knowing how it got there.

but what’s worse was that i was in my car and i was about to leave work when i couldn’t find the pack of gum. panic actually ran through my body as i searched for it.

that is so sad.

gum, anyone?


leaky morning

i woke up early this morning to get into the office only to see that there was a large leak in my office as well as in the hallway. i got some trash cans set under the leaks and called the admin who helped talk to various people to see if they can fix it.

now, just a few feet away from me is the constant dripping of water into the trash can. it’s getting to be a little annoying. i have music on, but the unmistakable sound of the dripping can still be heard. *sigh*

i do like rainy weather, though. i don’t like driving in it, but when you are warm and inside, i do enjoy the rain coming down outside. i don’t know why, but i find it soothing. there was some lightning on my drive to work today. it was close to pitch dark when i left the apartment. traffic wasn’t so bad, but i have to admit that leaving when it was that dark did feel a little weird. at least daylight savings is coming up soon. that ought to make things a little better.