liquid paper

i used white out for the first time in a long, long time today. i forgot how bad it smells. i’ve been using the little strips of paper thing instead of white out, but today we didn’t seem to have any of that so it was time to go back to the liquid paper.

it’s also been a while since i’ve had to write anything down. that was pretty interesting too. and speaking of old school, i also sent a fax today. if i didn’t know any better, it’s like i’m rejecting technology altogether. well…i guess a fax machine is still considered technology…low tech solutions, i guess.

i wasn’t feeling well yesterday, i think that i ate far too much for lunch and it upset my stomach. i decided that the best way to make things better was another low tech solution so i just slept it off.

no volleyball this week, it’s going to be a pretty light week, i think. maybe i should use this time and find something new to do. i was going to bring my camera with me to work, but i left it on the table because i was in a hurry to get to work. oh well.