spam filtering glitches

apparently i haven’t been very careful with my spam filtering and i accidentally added [url=]geoff[/url] to my blacklist rules. ooops. i guess his emails have been going into oblivion for a while now. silly me.

i guess i should be more careful now, but if you don’t see a reply from me, try and get ahold of me in some other way, ok? =)


i made jambalaya last night. this is probably the third or fourth time i’ve made it and i made a slight change to the recipe this time around. i decided to not to use tabasco as the hot ingredient and used a blend of other hot spices. i thought that the jambalaya had a little bit of a kick to it, but [url=]paul[/url] couldn’t detect any. i guess i’m just pretty sensitive to that stuff.

a bunch of people came over for lemon drop night, which morphed into dominoes night. dominoes was pretty fun, i must say…though we play with different and weird rules. i guess it just depends on however you want to play…

it was good to make dinner last night though. i feel like i haven’t cooked in the longest time and it was definitely a little relaxing to be able to make dinner. it was all eaten up so there were no leftovers to bring to work today. i’m surprised because i thought that the recipe usually fed around 10 people or so, but it only fed 4 or 5 last night. i guess we were all hungry.


feeling a little under the weather

i’m feeling a little under the weather today. i think that i may be coming down with something but i can’t get sick with the volleyball tournament tomorrow…which reminds me i need to do some grocery shopping for food stuffs tomorrow. maybe i’ll bake some snickerdoodles tonight. i need to wake up super early for volleyball tomorrow, the captain’s meeting is at 7:45AM. just great. and just when you thought that you’d be able to sleep in…

i wonder if we have to ref during this tournament. i would imagine that we would have to, but i’m not sure. oh well. i’m looking forward to playing, but from what i hear the competition is stiff. our team ought to be alright, though. we’ll see.