monday morning

today started off with a slow start. i had a bad night’s sleep, but i’m not sure what it was that caused the lack of sleep. yesterday was a semi-productive day, and i had a bunch of people over for dinner. i made tri-tip and pork chops with the last of my propane on the grill. it’s been a while since i’ve grilled anything so that was kind of nice. with about 9 people in attendance, we managed to polish off two big cuts of tri-tip and a good portion of the pork chops. it was quite the meaty dinner.

[url=]dardy[/url] was one of the attendees and he was catching us up with the goings on of his life. it seems that there are a lot of changes in store for him. but it was good catching up with him, i haven’t really hung out with him in a while.

it was good to be able to catch up with people in general, i sort of feel a little disconnected with certain people lately. i don’t know what it is, but it just seemed like i’ve not hung out with some people for quite a while.

i went hiking on saturday at castle rock. i got a little lost on the hike, but eventually found my way back. there were some rock climbers climbing goat rock, which was on the hike that we went on, so i sat there for a bit watching them climb the face of the rock. yeah…rock climbing is definitely not a sport for me.

all in all the weekend was restful…i have a ton of laundry that i need to do, though. i probably should have done it this weekend, but oh well.


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