signs of an addict

i think you know you are in trouble when you realize that today is wednesday and the first thought that comes to your head is:

oh shoot, i have to watch alias, jack and bobby, lost, smallville, and the west wing tonight! damn wednesdays!

but then after a moment of reflection you realize that yesterday you had to watch committed, house, veronica mars, and gilmore girls…all of which you missed…which means that you are now 4 shows behind plus today’s show.

but then after another moment of thought you realize that tomorrow is thursday. tomorrow is another bad day with CSI, joey, point pleasant, will & grace, and without a trace…

and so after all of this thought, i’ve decided to stop watching the apprentice. whew. now i finally have opened up some time to watch me some TV!

just in time for fridays, because that is when i have to watch andromeda, joan of arcadia, johnny zero, medical investigation, monk, numb3rs, enterprise, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, and maybe third watch. maybe i really should drop numb3rs (which i think is lame) and johnny zero (which is also lame).

yeah…i’m not an addict, really.

3 thoughts on “signs of an addict”

  1. Thank God for bittorrent or I’d be lost. I think I might even be worse than you. My list consists of Lost, CSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York, Law and Order, Law and Order Criminal Intent, Law and Order SVU, Newlyweds, Ashlee Simpson, Without A Trace, Survivor, The Apprentice, and American’s Next Top Model. Eek. I feel like such a loser now.

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