tennis racket

oh yeah, i forgot to mention that i got a tennis racket. my roommate had mentioned that she wanted to play, but my racket broke a few years ago and i never bothered to get a new one. so today while i was out shopping for my lighting bag, i also took the opportunity to look at tennis rackets. this one happened to be one sale at sportsmart so i decided to pick it up.

now, the question is, am i really going to play or not? will my roommate really go and play or not? that is the question. if not, i gotta go find me someone else to play tennis with…man, it’s been YEARS since i’ve picked up a racket. i wonder if i can still hit the ball.

with the weather getting better and the rain going away, i’ve got to take advantage of what i can do outside. tomorrow i will be going on a little hike and taking some pictures. hopefully it won’t be too hard on the ankle which has been a little tender as of late.