last complaint, i swear

sometimes i have a love/hate relationship with technology. for the most part, i do love technology. from computers, the internet, tivo, and just about anything else you can plug in, it’s cool. but every so often i do have this hate relationship with it too.

lately, it’s been pretty painful because of the server issues i’ve been having. i was debating between redhat or slackware for my linux distribution. i’ve always sort of liked slackware for my servers, but i decided to give redhat a try. but man…redhat has really screwed up their distribution, in my opinion. i don’t really agree with a lot of their default configurations and i’ve actually basically recompiled most of my apps on that box to get it to work the way i want it to.

the BIGGEST pain has been perl. i had decided that you can’t really mess up perl so i installed the package that came with the distribution. then i started to install all the various modules that i use only to find out that something doesn’t work right. now, ordinarily, i wouldn’t care, but it turns out that moveable type (and the two users on my box that use it) needs this feature. so i recompiled perl and all the modules i use tonight just to get things back to working order.


anyhow, the next server i set up is probably going to be back to slackware. it isn’t as fancy as redhat, but at least i know what i’m getting with it.

is it fate?

as i was going home today, i started taking detours because traffic was pretty heavy. i was pretty low on gas and i had to make a bit of an emergency stop at this random gas station. as i was filling up, i was getting pretty hungry and i spied this mexican restaurant and i decided to check it out.

as i pulled into the parking lot i saw something that surprised me. a q-cup! it had just opened up and it is only a mile and a half from my home!

i think it was fated for me to find it today.

speaking of fate, i was just thinking that i needed to get some blank DVDs and i came across this deal at compusa for a spool of 100 blank DVDs for $20. i bought two spindles and just tested them out and it burned fine.

just when i had started to give up on fate, just when i thought that there really wasn’t any kind of sense of order or anything, something like this happens to remind me that maybe, just maybe, all is not lost.

or maybe i’m just reading too much into things.

either way, i got my pearl tea fix for today.

should i stay or should i go?

i’ve been trying to figure out whether or not to go to a friend’s get together later tonight. i haven’t really been in the much of a mood to go out these days, and i feel like i’ve been forcing myselt to not hole up in the apartment and just let the hours go by. i’m reluctant to go out though for a few reasons:

1) it’s thursday, so if i get trashed tonight, going to work tomorrow is going to be very unpleasant.
2) i don’t really know anyone who is going to be going to this thing except the guy who is throwing it.
3) i don’t know if i can really be in that kind of a friendly mood to go and talk to people and hang out. i…just…don’t…know.

a big part of me doesn’t want to go. a small part of me knows that if i go, it is a step in the right direction. i can’t just hole myself up forever and let the world pass by, no matter how much i want it to. today was supposed to be poker night, but i just am in no shape to entertain. maybe that should be reason enough not to go tonight.

maybe all i really need is some more dawson’s creek. right now andie and pacey have just started their courtship. andie found out that pacey isn’t as pure as he let on.

i remember a long time ago, i had told my girlfriend at the time that i was not really as pure as she had thought. it devastated her. for a long while i wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to weather through it. these days, i think about it and i just remember how easy it used to be. how innocent and naive relationships used to be. it just seemed so easy for everything to just work out.

whatever happened to that cheery optimism that i once had? reality, i guess…

pMachine to MT, MT to WP

after a comment was left by a visitor, i decided to check out the pMachine to moveable type import script. it looked pretty straightforward and i quickly got my entries from pMachine to MT.

then wordpress has a MT ==> WP import feature, so i used that to get all my old entries back into the blog. man, talk about going through hoops.

unfortunately, i had pMachine rewrite my links to its internal format, and so all of my links had this weird notation in it. wordpress’ impressive plugin feature saved the day and with some headscratching and some regular expression work, everything seems to have come out for the better! i’m really digging wordpress now, the possibilities seem endless now, and i’ve now written my second plugin for wordpress. pretty easy, actually.