post-birthday celebrations

so i think 19 or so of us went to celebrate my birthday tonight. it was pretty amazing. at one point in the night, i was looking down at the table to see all of the people who had gathered to come and help me celebrate.

i am truly blessed to have such good friends so close to my heart.

i don’t really have any issues with turning 29. i know it might sound like it, but i really don’t. age doesn’t bother me so much and i’m not really in much of a rush to get anywhere anymore anyway.

i look at my life now and i think about how much it has changed since i first got out of college and started working and started being on my own. back then i hardly ever went out, i hardly ever exercised and i never really met anyone new. looking around at the table tonight, there have been some people who i couldn’t have known for more than a year or two, but i regard them amongst my closest of friends. and then i look at other people who i’ve known since high school and i still keep them close to my heart.

i never used to play volleyball. i never really embraced photography, and i would never have thought that i would be charging people money to take pictures. i never would have imagined that i would meet so many people from so many different walks of life. some friends come and some friends go, that’s the nature of life. life is an ever evolving process and every year i look back and can’t help but think that each year has been getting better than the one before.

sure, things aren’t completely figured out yet, but it has been a long time since i thought that i’ve needed to have had everything figured out.

i think that i usually don’t like my birthday because i haven’t really associated my birthdays with happy times and so i’ve grown a complex over the years. but really, today was actually quite a good day. sure, i ended up running errands, but i also spent it with the people that i care about and any day i can do that is a good day.

happy birthday to me!

happy birthday to me! it’s another year of turning 21 again. man, how do i keep up with it all?

i haven’t really been doing anything glamourous for my birthday yet. i ran a bunch of errands and then was able to meet up for lunch with ivy (and jen). thanks for lunch, ivy! we tried out this japanese place called azuma in cupertino that i have been meaning to try out for a while. the portions were smaller than expected, but it ended up to be filling anyway.

i got an oil change after lunch and now i’m a little sleepy so i’m going to watch a little tv and rest before i head out again to run a few more errands.