i’m weak. i can’t help it. i went to krispy kreme today with the full intention of getting a dozen donuts, but somehow i managed to leave the store with 2 dozen.

there’s the daily double dozen special where you can get 2 dozen donuts for a mere $12. how weak am i?

the sad part is that i’ve only eaten 2 donuts today. what am i going to do with all of these donuts??

wordpress internals

one of the things that i missed about pMachine, my old blogging tool, was that it would take any links in my posts and force them to open in a new window. i always thought that was cool because i hated having to enforce that in the HTML.

it started to really annoy me and i talked to adam about it and he said that writing a plugin for that kind of behavior seemed to be the way to go. and wouldn’t you know it, it is really that easy.

so i wrote my first wordpress plugin. the more i use wordpress, the more impressed i get by it.

i did have to finally hack at the internals, though. i didn’t like the format of the comment notification emails sent to us and so i had to do a little tweaking there. it’s too bad that the emails sent to the user aren’t templatized as well.


i used to be a big erasure. huge. i remember back in high school and when called me up the night before the release of the i say, i say, i say album and told me that a certain CD store had it on sale at midnight or something and we just HAD to go and get it.

so we did.

that was probably the last great erasure album i bought. ever since then, it’s been a bit of a disappointment. maybe cowboy was ok, i did go to that concert, but i don’t know…something about erasure these days that doesn’t really excite me.

but i did not know that the new erasure album nightbird was out until warren mentioned it on his blog. i quickly decided to check out the album and i’ve finished listening to it once and so far, i’m pretty unimpressed. i’m going to give it another listen now, but so far, no good.

how do you deal?

everybody deals with personal grief in their own ways. for some, when the going gets tough, they run. i used to run. i used to run away from any and all of my troubles, hoping that it would just go away if i avoided them long enough. but these days, it seems like the way in which i deal with harder times is by closing my heart to the issue.

recently, i’ve gone through some pretty tough times, and there have been many times where i feel like i’m not equipped to handle it. sometimes i just completely break down and there’s nothing i can do to regain my composure but to let it run its course and hope that it will end soon.

i think that i just close my heart, let the pain that it has suffered dwell in its own private misery and hope that after enough time has passed that it will heal on its own. it used to be that i used to wear my heart on my sleeve. it was obvious how i felt, what was going on with me, and there was just no question about it. i guess these days, i feel like i just can’t go on lamenting about my issues. it does no one else any good, and it certainly doesn’t make me feel any better.

sometimes talking about all the inner turmoil that’s brewing inside you just doesn’t do any good. all it does is agitate an already painful situation and then i’m left off worse than where i started off from.

i’ve been trying to figure out how to deal. do i surround myself with friends who can be there to comfort me? do i hermit myself away from the world? do i go wild and party it up and escape from the pain of it all?

i don’t know. i don’t know to deal, i guess i just have to figure it out.