i really try not to be an overbearing, overprotective older brother, but seriously, when i see my sister’s IM away message as:

“If you were my homework, I’d be doing you right now.”

i cannot help but tear my hair out. why does she have to grow up? and what will it take for me to exterminate any boys within throwing distance from her?


finally finishing what i started

i’m not really that crazy about the current design of the main pages, but i am digging the technology used. for a long while i’ve been debating how to manage some of the front end issues for, in particular how i handle the CMS stuff for the site.

super duper geeky details of how i finally got to where i did after the jump. seriously, only consider going to see more if you REALLY care about PHP4 vs PHP5’s handling on XML parsing. it’s really that dull, otherwise.

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