lunching in oakland

i was eating lunch today and all of a sudden it got less breezy and dark. i look around and realize that there was a power outage at the restaurant! the fans stopped spinning, the lights went out, and the emergency floodlights went on.

“awesome!” i was thinking to myself. the power went out earlier this morning before i got into the office so i thought that it was another widespread outage. i was pretty excited to finish lunch and head home because there’s no point in sticking around if the office was out of power.

the restaurant uses gas grills so they could continue to cook and serve food, but their fountain drinks weren’t working. the couldn’t charge credit cards and they had to write receipts manually. all in all it was a pretty fun lunch.

i was taking a nice leisurely stroll back to the office through the farmer’s market when i realized that by the time i got to the end of the farmer’s market the streetlights were working again.

i was really bummed to find out that the power outage didn’t affect the office. but i guess it was for the better. if the power went out, i’m sure that i would have stayed until the power went on to make sure the servers were ok.

happy friday, folks. time to go out and enjoy some fun in the sun.

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