what a weekend

this weekend was packed with so many nuggets of goodness it’s hard to remember them all.

friday was a pretty relaxing day. how the hours pass are still unclear to me, but i did some much needed laundry as well as some general cleaning about in the apartment. i tried to get some felt for the poker table for the poker game later this week, but it does not appear as if that is going to be the case anymore.

saturday was really exciting. i took pictures of alisa and steve at villa montalvo. i learned a lot about outdoor portrait work and i hope that i will improve my skills. after the shoot, i went to play volleyball in the park. it’s always nice to get some fun in the sun. i think that i’ve been getting a little too much sun lately, but luckily no burns this last weekend. i’m not sure if that is because i’m still burnt from last week or not, but that’s the way it is. after that i went to golden gate park to check out the location and see if it was any good for a future photo shoot. then i went to eat dinner in berkeley off solano ave and enjoy the berkeley view.

sunday was a restful day running some errands and then finally playing volleyball at JACL. i got a lot of heat for missing the last two weeks. but it was all in good fun.

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