making compromises

dardy wrote:

“i think both of us are looking for knock-you-off-your-feet passion, and we’re not able to find it. and then, we’re left to wonder if that’s just impossible to obtain now, and we should settle down with a relationship that’s safe and secure.”

i am definitely looking for the knock-you-off-your-feet kind of passion in a relationship. i haven’t found it, but i don’t think that i can ever settle down with a relationship that’s safe and secure. it just isn’t enough for me.

the thing about love is that it is easy to mistake true love with something that wasn’t meant to work out. how often do we find ourselves deep in puppy love craving to be with the object of your affection only to find, sometime later, that it wasn’t meant to be? crushes and infatuations are easily mistaken for true love.

but regardless of how easy it seems to mistake true love for something else, i don’t think that i would ever be discouraged from seeking out true love. i couldn’t possibly be happy to just be content. i expect more out of life and more out of myself. to have any less, though it may seem unlikely at times, would really be a life that is only mediocre. i don’t think that love should EVER be mediocre. it should always be fabulous.

4 thoughts on “making compromises”

  1. I don’t think I can be happy with a safe and secure relationship either. I’ve been in a couple and it didn’t work out. I think with those kind of relationships, you tend to get bored easily and tend to look for the passion and excitement (for me anyways).

  2. Well said Mike, don’t let yourself settle for security. True passion, true love and the search for either can hurt, but it makes life interesting and worthwhile. You can absolutely find a soulmate and not be able to be a part of each other’s lives for very long. The scariest thing I’ve had to learn is really to take advantage of the time I do get to share with that person without anticipating any regret for the future. You’re doing a great job of keepin’ the faith. Peace.

  3. personally, I think that when you’re not looking, love finds you in the most unexpected way. and when it happen, let it happen…if it doesn’t, don’t force it and expect it to be what it’s not. I think with some people who desperately wanted love, quickly settle for what they thought was love and then get disappointed. knock-you-off-your-feet passion is great, but it can also be fleeting if it’s with the wrong person. keep your faith and take your time…it’s out there and it’ll find you too.

  4. The age old debate, love filled with passion vs love rooted in security? I think it’s all a bunch of crock. Love means different things to different people at different times in their lives. Love is all of the above, it just gets bent to fit the circumstances.

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