canon 24-70mm love

i went to eric and ivy’s last night to pick up the joyous 24-70mm f/2.8L. it’s my second L lens, but my first f/2.8 lens. it’s a lot heavier than i thought it would be, but it is just beautiful.

i haven’t had much of a chance to take pictures with it, but i’m expecting to be wowed. wowed, i say. now, this is sort of a big lens, but i think that i will plan to make it my primary lens. ah yes, now i have two lenses with the golden red ring around the collar.

we’ll see how lovely the pictures come out when i go shooting tomorrow.

One thought on “canon 24-70mm love”

  1. I traded rigs with Eric C. for a weekend and was enamored with his 16-35mm f/2.8L. A behemoth, but awesome. I don’t understand how we can be sending men to the moon but still not have non-gargantuan zoom lenses with large max apertures.

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