sonoma wine tasting

i know this is probably about a month late, but i went wine tasting in sonoma a little while ago and took a few pictures with the throwaway camera. maybe that’s why i didn’t want to post the link to the images…i’m not really THAT ashamed of the throwaway camera. =P

5 thoughts on “sonoma wine tasting”

  1. That’s actually the photo that’s on my work computer wallpaper. The photo’s centered and the background color is the same medium green that’s in the middle of the photo. It’s quite a conversation starter for visiting attorneys. One judge said to me while looking at the photo, “How’d you like to wake up and look out at that every day?” I said, “I do. All day long.”

  2. was that you and an Asian girl i saw 7/7 on Calif Ave? Why am I seeing bloggers everywhere? Where were u guys goin?

  3. wow, i had no idea that you used this picture as your background. how cool.

    and yes, i was on california ave today. i went to keeble and shuchat to look at some photography gear.

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