the days are slow, but fast

i don’t know what it is that i do during the day, but it seems to just pass me by rather quickly. i don’t think that i have been doing anything terribly exciting, but people ask me now that i have some time off what i do. so let’s take a look at what i did today…

i went to los gatos today and visited sprockets hoping to get sponsorship finalized by the folks at sprockets, but the owner wasn’t in. i also stopped by dolce spazio and had some gelato. i was really surprised to find out that they didn’t really have very many flavors available. i was pretty disappointed.

i also went to surplus computers and resisted the urge to buy a bunch of useless stuff i don’t need and exchange something that i bought a little while ago. we’ll see if this works any better.

it is ridiculously hot right now. it was 98 degrees when i last checked. i can’t handle this kind of heat. i think i’m melting. i’m going to find some air conditioned cafe with free internet access and just chill out for a while until my dinner plans roll around.

all the while, the only thing that has been on my mind is that it is 98 degrees…why is it that i can’t think of a single song by the group?

One thought on “the days are slow, but fast”

  1. “You’re my sunshine after the rain,
    You’re the cure against my fear and my pain,
    Cuz I’m losing my mind when you’re not around,
    It’s all (it’s all), it’s all because of you.”
    One of my favorite 98 Degrees songs.

    What’s “sprockets?” Sponsorship in what?

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