sourdough adventures

i’m about to make my first sourdough bread. it seems like it should be pretty easy to make bread, though i’ve never done it before. i looked up some recipes for sourdough bread and it seems simple enough, but then there’s this mysterious ingredient “sourdough starter”.

i looked up some recipes for sourdough starter and it turns out that the sourdough starter is much like a pet. it requires great care, feeding, and warmth. so i started the sourdough starter and it takes about 2 days to make the starter.

the initial ingredients have been mixed and i’m storing it in a warm place for the yeast to take hold and do its thing. 2 more days to go!

3 thoughts on “sourdough adventures”

  1. you should do a search on “no knead bread” that was in the NYTimes. Tons of foodbloggers love it. maybe u should try it.

  2. Assuming it turns out ok, I’d like to be the recipient of some of the starter culture. After a few generations, I’ll return some to you…

  3. the first batch didn’t come out very sour. the bread was good, but was more of a french than a sourdough. the starter itself looks healthy, but i’m gonna give it some extra maturation time to see if it’ll perk up a bit. the bread looked great, though.

    i’ve been reading about sourdough care, and it seems that people feed their starter all sorts of things. i wonder if my starter will like beef…

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