soda sale

there was another sale, buy 2 get 2 free on 24 packs of coke at the local safeway. this safeway seems to have short runs on these types of sales, so it’s really hit or miss on whether i get there and see a sale on diet coke.

i was running low on diet coke, err, rather, i had run out of soda in the house, and it was time to stock back up.

warren went nuts on buying soda too. i figured it was time to follow suit.

how to debug javascript in IE?

how do you debug javascript in IE (that’s internet explorer for those of you not in “the know”). =P well, if you have visual studio installed, it’ll come with an excellent script debugger, but that’s a lot of coin to drop just for some javascript debugging.

it turns out that microsoft allows you to download the script debugger for free!

i have always dreaded debugging javascript code in IE because the toolkit was never that good. at my previous job i had visual studio, so i would use the included script debugger, but i was panicking just a little bit because i don’t write c/c++ code anymore and don’t have that installed.

the page worked in firefox! why wouldn’t it work in IE?! *sigh* luckily, i found the debugger and it was enough for me to figure out what was wrong and just saved me about a couple of hours of trying to find out what was wrong.

bring it on: in it to win it

oh man, this franchise just seems to have a way of alternating good and bad movies. i just fast forwarded through it because i couldn’t bear to watch the movie in realtime. there’s just some awfully bad dialogue in the movie that even i can’t forgive.

i really wanted to like the movie, but i really can’t get myself to do it. too corny, too cheesy, and just too bad.

such a shame, too, i really liked the first and third movies.

lowe’s customer support is awful

the more experience i have with lowe’s customer support, the more frustrated i become with them. i placed an order on the website and they were supposed to deliver the product via UPS. the UPS web site states that the package was delivered and was left on the porch. when i arrived at home later that day, there was no package on the porch. i’ve never had a problem with UPS deliveries left on my porch before.

i called lowe’s customer care to let them know about the problem. i explained to them that i did not receive the package. they told me that UPS tells them that the package was delivered. so then i told them that i know that UPS is telling them that it was delivered and that’s why i checked the porch that day to get the package, but upon arriving at the porch, the package was not there.

they checked the UPS tracking system again and informed me that the person who signed for the package was…PORCH. oh, right, it was left on the porch. so they tell me that they will forward my inquiry to the internet sales division and that the internet division will contact me in two days. the support person got my telephone number AND email and though i did not like the idea of waiting for two days to get a response to my inquiry, i was willing to wait to see what would happen.

two days pass and i haven’t heard word from the internet division of lowe’s. one of the biggest pet peeves i have is when someone tells me that they will do something and they don’t do it. i would have been less irritated if they contacted me and informed me that they are still looking into the order and need more time, but instead nothing. and that kills me.

so i contact support again and tell them about my situation. the support person begins to tell me that she will forward the inquiry to the internet sales division, but i tell her that i’ve already called before and that is the same thing that i was told two days ago. she pauses and i hear some typing and she tells me that indeed it is true that there is a record that i called two days ago and that the inquiry was forwarded to the internet division.

i ask if i can get a phone number to the internet division, but she tells me that she doesn’t have that number. i ask if i can get an email address to the internet division and she directs me to the lowe’s web site’s contact us link. fine. i sent an email via that contact us link, but i’m not really hopeful that there’s going to be much progress there. their web site BARELY works to begin with.

so the resolution is that she will note that i called again to inquire about the missing package and that she will forward my inquiry to the internet division. i should hear word on tuesday. i’m going to see how this plays out and give them the benefit of the doubt and wait until tuesday to see if i do, indeed, hear word.

both CSRs that i talked to were courteous and apologized for the inconvenience that i was experiencing. i’m sure that the apology is part of the script that they are instructed to use, but still, their staff seemed to be polite and courteous…just ineffective.

all of our other deliveries from our registry have been delivered from lowe’s have been delivered without incident, so maybe this is an isolated case, but it annoys me to no end that i was promised that they would contact me and they didn’t.

in it to win it

that’s right folks, there’s a FOURTH installation in the franchise of bring it on. the second movie was awful. the third movie was pretty good, but a fourth movie? really? how many ways can you have a cheerleading movie go?

still, after i was told that there’s a fourth movie, i netflixed it immediately. it comes tomorrow. and believe me, i’m nervously looking forward to it. i hope it isn’t a dud.

i know, my inner teeny bopper self will never die.

mcdonald’s mcskillet burrito

i was starving this morning so i stopped by mcdonald’s and got a mcskillet burrito. it was actually pretty tasty, but i would imagine that it also is equally unhealthy. sure, i can try to justify that my meal was healthier because i got orange juice, but come on now, let’s not kid ourselves.

i’ve been on a real streak of bad food lately. taco bell, l&l, mcdonald’s…man, what’s next?

it’s thursday already which means that we’ve officially entered my favorite part of the week. tonight will be the start of vball league so that’ll be fun. i’m just starting to stop being sore from sunday’s first vball outing since the winter break.

since the writer’s guild is still on strike, i’ve been really reaching to watch some good tv. i just finished watching both seasons of dead like me. it was pretty entertaining the first season, the second season started to feel a little down for me. the whole story line with george’s sister was really becoming quite the bummer.

anyhow, i’m done with all of that tv and now it’s time to find something else to watch. i thought that i saw all of the buffy episodes, but i was reading about one episode “hush” that i had never seen. it was the mostly silent episode where the characters lose their voices. it sort of makes me wonder if there are other episodes that i haven’t seen.

the little external drive that could

i’ve always had large external hard drive cases that house 3.5″ hard drives. these drives have always been heavy and have always required the use of an external power source.

after upgrading christi’s laptop with a bigger laptop ordered from newegg (because the SAME DRIVE upgraded from dell would cost an additional $150!!) i had a spare, albeit small hard drive lying around. not wanting for it to go to waste, i decided to purchase an external case for it.

i found a great deal for a $12 external case from the drive is compact, draws power from the USB port and works great. it also has an SATA connector in the back so that i can use an esata connection if i wanted to. unfortunately, i don’t have any devices that support the esata connector, but hey, maybe my next laptop will.

anyway, it’s happily formatting now and i’ll soon have an extra 75GB of space happily waiting to be used.

unexpected bonuses from this purchase is that the case came with a leather case, a USB cord AND an eSATA connector, as well as a mini screwdriver to help you screw in those tiny screws. not bad for $12.

now, yes, it does carry the meritline brand on the side of the case and that’s a little free advertising for meritline, but i’m ok with that.


we did a little puppy photo shoot to show people at the adoption fair what puppies are soon going to be up for adoption. i’m not gonna overpost, but we took a ton of pictures. the first and third ones didn’t make the prints, but were among my favorites.

little home improvement

it’s coming to that point where we are working on the little things on the home to make life better. after replacing our chandelier, i decided that we really need a dimmer switch to operate the new track lighting.

after checking out home depot’s dimmer switch selection, i must say that i’m pretty disappointed with the design of dimmer switches. a lot of the designs require two different methods to operate the switch. there’s a method to turn it on and off, another for dimming operations. some of the dimming switches were really awkward to operate. i just wanted a simple dimmer to turn on and off the lights. is that too much to ask for?

i finally found one and installed it last night. this time, i turned off the power to the switch before changing it. i didn’t want to get shocked again. =P