greg, diana, jen, and i played in the shindig reverse 4s tournament yesterday. it was nice to be out again and playing volleyball on the grass. i have to say that my ankle was doing pretty good for most of the day, but it did feel a little less stable than i would have liked. still, we ended up doing alright and placed second. our prize? we each got a fleece sleeping bag, except for jen who opted for a mini canopy shade thing. not too bad for our first outing. i have to say that our play was varied from pretty good to pretty bad. but we started to play better where it counted, so that’s always good.

i’m pretty sore from the tournament. you’d think that after playing volleyball during the week that you’d be in shape for it, but i guess grass play definitely stresses you more than indoor play. i definitely was huffing and puffing more.

i’m definitely looking ward to playing the doubles tournaments. i’m debating whether or not to play just the one day or if i should go and find a partner and play two days. i don’t know if my ankle can take it or not…we’ll see.


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