biking at fremont older

i went biking with [url=]jimmy[/url] and nelson yesterday at fremont older. no pictures, though. i didn’t feel like bringing my camera with me, especially after i was told that this trail was harder than quicksilver…and quicksilver nearly killed me.

i actually thought that this trail wasn’t as bad as quicksilver, though. there were a few rough parts, but overall, i thought it was pretty cool. we biked along these rolling hills and then got to a single track part of the trail. that was pretty cool. i think that i do enjoy the single track tails more.

i am proud to say that i didn’t have to walk up any of the hills, though there was one where i was definitely tempted to get off my bike and walk up. after this ride, i think that i will definitely consider getting myself a new stem for my bike. i want to change my riding posture so it isn’t as relaxed as it is now and to be able to take hills a little bit more aggressively when going up them.

we ended up biking through rolling hills, under the shade of trees deep within the parks winding trails. the tail end of the trail brought us to a winery/farm. this was the same ranch that jen and i went horseback riding many a year ago. after we walked out bikes through the ranch, we came upon a road where we started to go downhill in speeds excess of 30 miles per hour. the maximum speed i biked at was 32.5 miles…the fastest i’ve ever gone yet. pretty crazy.

but this trail was fun and i’m actually looking forward to my next biking trip. biking by myself is a vastly different experience than biking with others and i think that i really do enjoy biking with other people. it’s a lot of fun. i’m still scouting out other locations. maybe i’ll go on another biking trip today. no volleyball this week, so i’ll have to find my exercise somewhere else, i suppose.

i was talking to a friend over the weekend and i was telling them about how i’m playing volleyball and biking and waking up early to go to work by 7 and they were shocked. they said they didn’t know who i was anymore, because the man i was a year ago was the complete opposite of all of these things. so true. so true. what in the world has happened?


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