recently heard…

me: i only recently started this health kick. i used to sit and watch tv all the time and just relax.
friend: don’t you feel that’s a waste of time?
me: nah, i think it’s really relaxing.
friend: but if you sit around all the time you’ll get fat.
me: see, i have this theory. if i am going to have a gut in the future anyway, why should i fight it? i should embrace it and start working on it now.
friend: i hate to break it to you, but women don’t like fat guys…unless you’re rich, then it might be ok.
me: oh dear. so i have to either get rich quick and be happily fat OR i have to be poor and unhappily work out to be fit?
friend: yup.
me: *sigh* i wish it was easier to be rich.

2 thoughts on “recently heard…”

  1. heh, i’m not worried. =P

    i still like the idea of my “work on your gut” theory. it sounds so appealing and easy.

    mmmmm….krispy kreme.

  2. don’t worry Mike, if the girl likes you, she’ll like you regardless of how you look…plump belly and all. 🙂

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