biking along

[url=]jimmy[/url], josh, and i went biking this morning on what jimmy calls an “endurance run”. this ride was actually pretty flat the whole way through. we went for about 16 miles this morning. jimmy set out our goal to average between 10-15 miles per hour.

i think that i usually do about 8-10 miles an hour when i go biking so this pace was a little bit more aggressive than i’m used to. sure they say 10-15 miles, but i would say that jimmy and josh probably were averaging 15-20 mph an hour most of the time. i tried to stay in the 10-15 mph range and for the most part i think that i was doing alright. just when i thought that i was getting my groove on (at about mile 10) josh had to turn back so we took a shortcut back to jimmy’s place.

all in all it was a good ride and my legs are actually still burning from this morning’s ride. usually after showering i usually don’t feel anything in my legs so i guess what i need to do is keep up this kind of pace to really get some kind of workout.

after i showered i rested while watching tv. i think that i drifted in and out of consciousness for a while until i started to get ready for shirley’s hawaiian-themed party. this’ll be the second hawaiian themed party in just as many weeks that i’ll be going to. very interesting. i’m kind of tired though, i don’t know how long i’ll last tonight at the party. hopefully i’ll be able to stick it out for a bit, but i am dead tired.


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