such a weird day

i got into the office at 10 this morning. three hours later than i usually do. i woke up at 5:30, though, before my alarm which was happily still enjoying its sleep. i started to get ready and was all set to go to work when i realized that i was going in late today and i needed to wait a while before i do anything.

i finally rolled into work at 10. the traffic was a lot worse than i remembered it being…or maybe i’m just too used to the traffic-less freeways at 6 in the morning. but now that i’m in the office i’m just getting settled in and i’m trying to prep for a meeting i have soon. after the meeting will be lunch time already! usually lunch time marks the ending stretch of my day, but today it’ll be just the start.

a meeting at 5:30. *sigh* i guess it’ll be ok.


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