concentrate, dammit!

i’m having a hard time concentrating at work right now. maybe it’s the complete lack of sleep. maybe it’s the weird weather we’re having. i’m pretty sure it’s the lack of sleep. i ended up sleeping a little after 2. not for any particular reason, i wasn’t that sleepy at 2 either, but i knew if i did not go to sleep soon that it would become that much harder for me to go wake up at 5:30. yeah…pushing on a little less than 3 hours of sleep and i think that my plans for the rest of the day just got cancelled so maybe i’ll go home and make some food and call it an evening.

i’ve been craving some good cooking lately. i wonder what i would make if i had my choice. hmmmmm. let’s see. i think that i’m sort of in the mood for some japanese food. maybe some sukiyaki. ooooh, i haven’t had sukiyaki in AGES. hmmmm, you know, i think that’s what i’m going to do. food is such a great comfort.

but i don’t think that i’ll stop there. no, i do feel like something more than just a little sukiyaki. i think that i’ll also make tempura. now that’s something i haven’t made in a long, long time. mmmmm.


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