frightfully deliciously fabulous bbq

[url=]paul[/url] invited some people over to bbq. he had made prime rib. mmmmm. 3 hours of slow roasting joy. i don’t know what he used to season it, but damn, that was some of the best prime rib i’ve had in a long, long time. he had horseradish and all. it’s never a disappointment to eat his cooking.

it makes me want to make my own prime rib. i just don’t know if i have three hours to push aside sometime just to make the prime rib…but if i did…mmmmm.

the only regret i had last night was that i left a little early because i was feeling tired and i wanted to go back home so that i could just rest up. i didn’t end up going to sleep as early as i had hoped, but i think that just lounging at home was more relaxing.

it seems that i haven’t been getting too much sleep, though. today was ok. maybe about 6 hours. much better than usual, i suppose.


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