the game of rimball

i was introduced to the deadly game of rimball over the weekend. the game whose inception may offend some was surprisingly more fun than i had originally anticipated. it’s been a while since i played basketball so i wasn’t sure if i really could shoot anything at all anymore.

put simply, this game is a variant of basketball. yes…a variant. the rules are relatively simple. it’s a winner’s ball game of basketball where you get a point if you make a basket. you also get a point if you hit the rim. you get two points if you hit the back of the rim. if you hit the rim several times, you get a point for every time you hit the rim. first to 100 wins.

if you tie, then you go to sudden death. the first person to make a multi-point shot wins.

only a girl can bastardize basketball like this.

still, surprisingly fun.


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