phone calls

i got two phone calls yesterday that meant a great deal to me. the first was from a friend whose voice i have not heard in a while. it was great to be able to chat with them again. it wasn’t so much that we talked about things of earth-shattering importance, but just the witty banter that we had was rather pleasant. i missed talking to them.

i miss good banter. i remember when i would liken the conversations that i had with certain people to that of the conversations that dawson and joey would have. they have such an engaging, quirky dynamic that it was always entertaining to listen to them talk. and i got some of that yesterday. it was nice.

the second call i got was from a concerned friend who wanted to make sure that i was ok. i’m not sure what spurred the check in call, but it was very sweet of her to call and check in. sometimes the warm fuzzies can come from such a small gesture, but it can move mountains.

they were good calls and i’m thankful for having such good friends.


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