posts have become farther and fewer…

maybe it’s because i’ve been spending less time in front of a computer and more time out that i’ve been posting less. maybe it’s because i have too much to say but don’t know if, when, or how to say. maybe it’s just because i’ve been caught so much in the moment that i haven’t had a chance to record any of my thoughts.

let’s see if i can first recap the long weekend. saturday was a bit busier than i had originally anticipated. my brother decided to celebrate his birthday on saturday instead of sunday so i had to do some schedule shifting so that we could meet up at dinner.

we had dinner at sundance steakhouse in palo alto. usually this place serves up a good prime rib, but i was pretty disappointed that their prime rib was not very juicy or tender that evening. probably the most disappointing experience i had there that night. but i still managed to finish off my 14 ounce serving which my whole family thought was an outrageously large serving of meat, but i thought was normal. oh well. it’s less than a pound anyway.

i also went mountain biking with [url=]jimmy[/url], greg, and josh earlier that day. we went to the [url=]soquel demonstration state forest[/url] to do some single track biking. this was the first time that i’ve gone single track and it was quite an experience. greg was giving me some last minute tips on how to ride certain parts of the terrain and with each tip i was growing more and more concerned.

it was a 3 mile uphill ride into the forest and then a 10 mile descent through the forest which consisted of treacherously rocky, narrow downhill trails that snaked its way down the hill. after the initial ascent, i had to break for lunch and eat a sandwich that i brought with me to give me much needed energy. i was thrown over the handlebars at least 5 times over various parts of the trail, the worst of which was when i was trying to jump off a log. the log came up faster than i had anticipated and my front wheel just sunk down into the ground. i proceeded to be flipped off, over the bike and landed on my helmet and shoulder. i have a very nice bruise and scrape on my left shoulder which prevents me from sleeping on my side now.

some parts of the trail were so steep we had to walk our bikes up. some parts of the trail were so steep the other way that we had to walk our bikes down. if it weren’t for the difficulty of the trail, i think that i much rather prefer single track than open fire roads. i do like the technical aspects of the trail and it was a lot of fun, albeit painful.

i don’t know if i would do soquel again, but i’m totally up for more single track trails. greg said that if i could do that, then northstar would be a breeze. maybe i’ll spend a weekend there before the season is over…i think i need to get new gloves, though. mine feel a little thin.

sunday was spent playing volleyball in the park. after volleyball, [url=]dardy[/url] and i met up at tea era in mountain view to catch some pearl tea. i think that the barley milk tea there is my stand out favorite. it’s probably my favorite drink in the mountain view area. dardy and i got caught up on things, him on his trip to europe, and me with the current events of my life.

later that evening i learned how to play stratego with shirley. learned a lot about strategy with that game and am curious to play more. we’ll see how that goes.

this weekend had some incredibly ridiculous hot weather. i really hope things cool off because i don’t know if i can handle much more of this.


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