q-cup in berkeley

i decided to check out the q-cup in berkeley yesterday after i got an email from the owner of the shop. it’s located on center street in downtown berkeley near the bart station. i decided to check out q-cup on a whim and decided that i would bart there from work. the thought of having to drive into berkeley, find parking in downtown, and then walk to q-cup, get my drink and repeat everything in reverse didn’t seem worth it. luckily, it’s only a $2.50 roundtrip bart ride. that isn’t so bad, especially if you consider that i probably would have burned close to a dollar in quarters for parking in berkeley too.

q-cup there is a small shop and there was something rather odd about the tea or pearls there. i think that there was a hint of mint in there that sort of bothered me, though.

it was an interesting trip on the bart. it’s been a while since i’ve ridden on it but everytime i ride the bart a flood of memories overwhelm me from the days i used to ride bart to commute from berkeley to san jose. ahhh, those were the days.

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  1. hi mike, it bothers me that the taste of our pearl tea bothered you. although i value your opinion, i just can’t seem to figure out where the mint taste would have come from since we didn’t carry mint flavor syrup until this week….i’m very much puzzled. and the pearl milk tea at our store happens to be the top seller everyday amongst all the drinks…as someone who spends all her time striving for top quality and service at the berkeley q-cup store, i hope you come visit us again to taste any tea of your choice, my treat?!

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