i really try not to be an overbearing, overprotective older brother, but seriously, when i see my sister’s IM away message as:

“If you were my homework, I’d be doing you right now.”

i cannot help but tear my hair out. why does she have to grow up? and what will it take for me to exterminate any boys within throwing distance from her?


4 thoughts on “aaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

  1. I recommend the Beretta A330. But if its 4 shell capacity is not enough, you might wanna try the BAR Mark II Safari. Why settle for a throwing distance when you can enforce a half-mile radius? heh

  2. ack! seeing that on my (20 yr old) sis’s IM message would drive me berzerk! unfortunately, there is likely nothing we can do about it… except lock ’em up until they’re 35. ack! totally sympathizing w/ you… did NOT need to see that. hey, maybe you can give her a taste of her own medicine and change YOUR IM message too… it won’t change the fact that she is growing up, but if it gets HER to change her msg then at least you’re not being constantly REMINDED of it…

  3. but Mia my dear, you need to replace homework with something else to make it more believable. ­čśŤ

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