my laptop is the machine that i do most of my non-photo processing work. email, IM, and web browsing are mostly done on this machine. i’ve been trying to keep this machine as commercial software free as possible. i’ve also been trying to change the user experience of this laptop as much as possible as well. i’ve played with various windows managers and other windows desktop enhancement tools.

i love stardock’s object dock and most recently i found out that konfabulator has become freeware after yahoo acquired it. i also really like rainlendar. all these little things really make my desktop feel clean and neat.

i’ve also hacked xmtheme.dll (a task which was way harder than it should have been) and am now using a custom windows theme style that is very much inspired after the macos GUI. i know i’ve said this a million times, but i really do hate macs. but i love their interfaces. i love widgets, too.

i just made a very important decision based on my magic 8 ball widget. i think that i’m going a little crazy.

5 thoughts on “konfabulator”

  1. i like stardock’s object dock too..but I had crashes in my system but I think the crashes are related to a different issue. I’ll have to check out konfabulator.

  2. I never understood why people who “really do hate macs” go through the trouble of trying to make their non-mac computer look/work like a mac….

  3. i really do like apple’s GUIs. i always have. they are so much cleaner and simpler. but that’s about where i stop liking macs. i don’t like how slow macs are (though the upcoming move to an intel platform may soon change things) and i really dislike the game support on macs.

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