personally speaking

as unhappy as i am about how the tournament is being run, i am personally really happy with how i’m playing on my team. i actually want to be a lot more involved in the team’s offense. i’m not sure if it is just my imagintion, but it seems like the other two guys seem to be getting more action than i am. i don’t mind, they are stronger players than me, but i really want to be more involved! =)

i have been particularly happy with my defensive play. i have been picking up a lot of hard hit balls. i also have been really happy with my net play. i’ve won jousts against much taller players, i feel like i’m forcing errors by having a presence at a net and blocking, and i think that i just feel generally good about the play.

what i find kind of funny is that i’ve been playing middle for the team when i’m in the front row. the middle position is usually reserved for the tallest player on the team because they are teall and have the biggest presence. in one of the rotations, in both rotations where i am playing middle, i don’t think that i am the strongest middle person, but i’m still playing it. =P it’s good fun though and i think that i’ve been pretty happy with it so far.

personally speaking, the tournament is a lot of fun and i’m having a ball. i hope my team wins today!

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