tuesday is too much

i’m pretty upset at myself for how completely wildly my mood has been swinging lately. one moment i’m peachy keen, the next i’m dreadfully depressed, and the next i’m just confused about how i really should feel.

when i get like this, i think what eventually happens is that i just stop feeling. i’ve always advocated living life to its fullest, to experience the highest of highs, even at the cost of feeling the lowest of lows, too. but when i am swinging downwards, i always wonder to myself if maybe it was better that i just not feel at all. it certainly seems more pleasant.

my mat cutter is coming in today. i’ve ordered 100 blades to come with my mat cutter. i hear that you only get about 5 mats per blade so the couple that came didn’t really seem like enough. i guess i should run over to aaron brothers today and grab some mats to try out the mat cutter. now…if only i had some pictures that i wanted to mat, it’d make things much easier…

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