oops! technology blunder

last night i spent a good chunk of the evening setting up my new computer. it’s been a while since i’ve upgraded and i figured that the time was right. it’s been a while since i put a computer together and there are so many new advances in the technology that i feel so left behind.

the guy at the computer store asked me what i was building this computer for. i told him that i want to be able to check email REALLY fast. he looked at me incredulously and so i told him that i also do a lot of photoshop work.

the computer is slowly taking shape, i forgot how much work it is to get a computer up and running. i spent about an hour burning data onto a DVD so that i could transfer it over to the new machine and when i popped the DVD into the drive, it would not read. i started to worry that there was something wrong with the new computer. i then realized that there wasn’t a DVD drive in that machine, instead it was a CD burner. oops.

that’s when i knew it was too late at night for me to do anymore and it is time to go to bed.

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