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canon eos 20D canon eos 20d too many eos'

i think my camera addiction is getting out of hand. my early birthday present is the canon eos 20d. now…i told myself i wouldn’t buy this camera because i didn’t really need to, but for some reason, unknown even to me, when it came down to thinking about what to get for my birthday, i happened to order this.

lovely. it is rather beautiful, though. this camera is FAST. way faster than the 10D and it’s also a lot less noiser than the 10D. those were my first two reactions to the camera. i’m pretty happy with it and i can’t wait to stress test it out. i’m thinking about doing a location shoot in the city next week on my holiday. that should be lots of fun.

this brings me to 3 canon digital SLRs and 1 film body. heh…film. how barbaric! i really need to do something with the D30. it really hasn’t seen the light of day in a long time. i’m thinking that the 10D can be a secondary camera when i do shoots, but i really probably should sell that too. i wonder how much those cameras go for these days…maybe i’ll just keep them all for sentimental value. you know…like, remember the time my camera fell off my tripod and the hot shoe on my flash got ripped off and the hot shoe on the camera like all messed up? yeah, good times.

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  1. haha, you’re like the little devil sitting on my shoulder goading me on. the 1DS mark II is a great camera, but it’s just way too much camera for my needs.

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