back in san francisco

san francisco shooting

geoff and i went to the city on friday to take pictures. we went to alamo square, crissy field, fort point, the palace of the legion of honor, and irving street that day. the weather was simply gorgeous and it was a lot of fun going around and taking pictures.

i went a little pano crazy that day and shot a bunch of panos. i’m playing with this new software to make panoramas and so this was a test of the software to see if i want to use it or not.

back in san francisco
-the orange peels

it’s just no good to go back there crying
but don’t discourage me from trying
i must have been confused by shallow smiles and hollow hellos
back in san francisco

i was so lost but then you found me
i was surprised by all the stars around me
they’d look me over and said i remind them of someone they know
back in san francisco

i don’t want to go
oh you promised me you’d never leave
so you smile at me then deceive me


i took a drive, i was heading nowhere
down the peninsula to get some fresh air
to get a different feel to try to get away from you
i was ready to go

i was alone but then you saved me
until the last goodbye you waved me
i just naively thought you dropped on by to tell me hello
back in san francisco
i don’t want to go


you were my first, my last, my only
i’m here without you now it feels so lonely
i guess i wanted to try to fly out here all on my own
i was missing you so

i had to go it was important to me
i had to go because you saw right through me
i had to come back home because i left everything i know
back in san francisco

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