vito’s famous pizza

i went to check out vito’s famous pizza in sunnyvale last night with paul and leeya. i’m always a little leery when the name of the restaurant has the word “famous”, “best”, or “greatest” in it because it’s almost like they are trying to convince you that that is the case.

paul and i were originally going to split a large pizza, but we then saw the daily special, which on thursday was two large two topping pizzas for $22. we couldn’t resist. leeya ordered a philly cheesesteak and paul and i indulged in our two large pizzas. in the end we could only each eat half a large pizza so we had to take the rest to go. the pizzas were ok, not fabulous, but it wasn’t awful, either.

after pizza we went to mountain view and hit tapioca express. this was my second pearl tea drink for the day. earlier in the day, leeya and i went out to have ramen in milpitas. maru ichi was pretty good, but crowded and busy. it was fun to hang out with them again. sort of reminded me of the old days when we would just hang out, shoot the breeze, and just chill out, yo. seems like there just aren’t enough of those days anymore.